A romantic boy who isn´t afraid to show his true colours, hunkering for nostalgia, emotions and refinement, all that is no longer a female attribute. He mixes eras (Baroque, Gothic, Victorian and Harajuku) with elegance, and cultivates his dark side with flashy fabrics and trim an eye for detail and a penchant for poetry applied to his wardrobe and music.

– Jonpaul Venus As A Boy


JonPaul aka Venus as a boy has been creating Music under several names and performing on well known festivals and in clubs from Capetown, New York City and Germany to Amsterdam. He is standing on his own when it comes to his Block on memorylane. His Music consists of a range of 80’s styles. He combines new wave soul funk and old skool hip hop in a unique way. Jonpaul is very serious when it comes to his craft and doesn’t believe in limitations when it comes to Music.

His mixtape “Nostalgia” dating from 2011 is a good example of the way he pushes boundries. The 2011 version of the mixtape has been revised and the current version contains 12 tracks, all self written en sung by Jonpaul.

At this moment JonPaul is working hard on new songs and even a music video. Until he will release those, it is important to enjoy his timeless music consisting of 80’s pop. Time goes by, but Jonpaul will help you spark the nostalgic memories. Download Nostalgia for free………